Do We Wear Pink or Do We Wear Purple?

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Do we wear pink in October? Or do we wear purple? The answer is both! The entire  month of October is identified as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and is most commonly  correlated with wearing pink as a reminder. However,  on October 16th we wear purple!  This day is symbolic for Breast Reconstruction Awareness and is known as National Bra Day!  After doing some research, National Bra Day was brought to light in 2011 when plastic  surgeon, Dr. Mitchell Brown, from Toronto, Canada, decided to create a day to be able  to focus on supporting and educating patients about mastectomy surgeries and the  choices of reconstruction. October 16th was chosen for this observance holiday and is  still recognized as a momentous day for breast reconstruction awareness.  Speaking of plastic surgeons…why is this cause so near and dear to our hearts? 

Dr. Yonick is a leader in breast cancer reconstruction for the Great Lakes Bay Region.  He is also a strong advocate for breast cancer patients to be educated on all of their reconstruction options. This is an important mission that Dr. Yonick feels very passionate about.  To celebrate National Bra Day, some women actually leave their bras at home to  cultivate breast cancer awareness and remind women everywhere that they should get screens for breast cancer on a regular basis. This day is also a day when people rally to raise money for breast cancer research. National Bra Day is celebrated without a bra  to stand in support of the many women who have survived breast cancer and can no longer go without wearing a bra, because they need it to hold their prosthesis in place after undergoing surgery. Women who aren’t able to go without a bra, but would still like to participate and show support, choose to wear the color purple. 

So, anyone who wants to take part in observing breast reconstruction awareness on October 16th, please wear purple and/or take a more relaxed approach and go sans-bra!  Guys, we’re talking to you too! Another way to show your support is to use these
hashtags on any social media platform: 

#NationalNoBraDay or even just #NoBraDay. 

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