Does ClearScan YAG Treat Facial Veins?

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Do you feel embarrassed about facial veins, or do you try to conceal them with makeup? If so, we offer one of the best treatments for facial veins. To help you feel more confident in your appearance, Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI is proud to offer ClearScan YAG™ treatments. ClearScan laser technology can help eliminate branching red, blue, or purple veins on the face. ClearScan can also reduce redness, rosacea, spider veins, and broken capillaries. No matter the concern, each patient receives a tailored treatment plan during their consultation. We encourage you to read through our blog to learn more about this procedure's benefits and schedule an appointment with licensed and board-certified acute care nurse practitioner Karen Yonick.

What to Expect from Your Laser Facial Vein Removal Treatments?

At your consultation, we will determine if this procedure works best for you and develop a personalized treatment plan. The treatment plan will include how many sessions you need and the costs. Often caused by genetics or age, abnormal blood vessels can start to become increasingly difficult to hide. Additionally, we recommend undergoing the treatment as soon as you notice the veins. If we can remove the veins sooner, you may require fewer sessions. We will also help set realistic expectations and answer any questions you may have.

Once we have designed a treatment plan for you, one of our team members will take you back to a private procedure room and ask you to relax on a comfortable treatment chair. Generally, the procedure causes some discomfort; however, most patients find that the pain is manageable. If needed, we can apply a numbing cream to the skin. Patients will also wear protective goggles to shield their eyes. After cleaning and numbing the treatment area, nurse Karen moves the handheld laser over your skin. During this time, the skin absorbs the laser energy and causes the irregular blood vessel to break down.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Without any needed downtime, you can resume your daily activities. For around 7 – 10 days, patients have some minor irritation, such as bruising, swelling, and redness. The side effects will subside on their own, and patients can wear makeup to hide the issues. To help with healing, we will provide detailed aftercare instructions, which may include wearing compression garments. If you have any questions about the aftercare, please let us know. You should also protect your skin from excess sun exposure because your skin will be sensitive. Because each patient is different, the results may show right away or require a few additional sessions.

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More About ClearScan YAG

If you feel self-conscious about broken capillaries on your face, please schedule an appointment to learn about ClearScan laser technology. Our team at Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI is dedicated to providing innovative treatments and helping you feel more confident. Stop concealing your facial veins with makeup and, instead, eliminate their appearance. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with licensed and board-certified acute care nurse practitioner Karen Yonick to learn more about this advanced treatment option. We look forward to meeting with you and enhancing your natural beauty.

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