How Many Allura Laser Treatments Are Needed To See Results?

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Have you tried diet and exercise, but are still not satisfied with some areas of your body? The skilled team at Yonick Plastic Surgery understands this dilemma, which is why we have added the Allura™ system to our suite of body sculpting technology. Allura is a minimally invasive laser treatment that quickly and efficiently addresses the abdomen, thighs, hips, and other hard-to-reach places for gorgeous results.

Double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick performs the Allura laser treatment during a simple in-office appointment. Also called laser liposuction, this procedure offers an exciting outcome with very minimal downtime. Best of all, you may only need one session to get the results you want! Learn more about this fat reduction and skin tightening procedure by scheduling a private consultation in Midland, MI.

About Allura laser treatment

Sometimes, working out is not enough to get rid of excess fat and loose skin on certain parts of the body. Allura is an advanced laser technology that helps patients achieve a slimmer appearance without exercise. Although many patients associate body sculpting with larger regions, like the abdomen or hips, Allura lasers can also be used in delicate areas, such as the neck and chin. During a consultation with Yonick Plastic Surgery, patients will learn if they are a candidate for this cutting-edge fat reduction and skin tightening procedure.

It is important for individuals to be in good health to receive maximum results from Allura laser treatment. Even though laser treatment is generally noninvasive, we still consider it cosmetic surgery. For this reason, please let our team know about any health conditions that can increase your risk of complications or side effects. We can let you know how many sessions are required based on your condition, but patients, generally, only need one appointment to achieve their goals.

How laser liposuction technology works

So how does Allura laser treatment work, and how is this different than traditional liposuction? In laser treatment, the emitted energy waves weaken the fat cells, so they are easier to remove. Once the cells are addressed, Dr. Yonick uses a tiny cannula to suction them out. One of the best benefits of this procedure is that it does not require general anesthesia or IV sedation. The laser also allows for less pain and discomfort.

During traditional liposuction surgery, it’s normal for patients to experience sagging skin once the unwanted fat cells are removed. Instead, laser body contouring treatment promotes new collagen production, so the skin appears tighter over time. As a result, individuals will be able to experience sculpted, toned areas, and a contoured appearance in the neck and chin area, back, abdomen, upper and lower arms, thighs, and arms.

What happens during body contouring treatment

When you arrive for your laser liposuction appointment, you will rest in one of our comfortable treatment rooms in Midland, MI. One of our technicians then cleans and prepares the area for fat reduction. After the local anesthesia is administered, Dr. Yonick creates a tiny incision through which the cannula is inserted. This tool works to eliminate the fatty tissue for good. Because of the small incision, patients will only experience a short recovery time. The laser energy also causes the skin to tighten, which is not offered by other fat removal technologies.

About your laser lipo results

Laser liposuction recovery depends on the incision size and amount of fat being removed. Many patients need a few days to rest and allow the treatment area to heal. The caring staff at Yonick Plastic Surgery will offer helpful guidelines to make your laser lipo results as gorgeous as possible. This includes strict instructions to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for several weeks. Patients may be required to wear a compression garment so their bodies can get used to the newer, slimmer contours.

Individuals usually notice their new laser lipo results immediately after treatment. Many of our patients have talked about the positive impact the procedure has had on their self-esteem and confidence. Results are long-lasting as long as patients continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who experience large weight fluctuations or become pregnant may need to return for future treatments since their outcome will be compromised.

Schedule fat reduction and skin-tightening procedures with Dr. Yonick

The unique nature of laser liposuction produces exclusive benefits for patients who want to appear slimmer and more toned. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick is proud to offer top-of-the-line nonsurgical procedures so you can reach your aesthetic goals. Allura body contouring treatment utilizes some of the most advanced techniques in the industry to help you get there. The team at Yonick Plastic Surgery provides beautiful, natural outcomes. Learn more about this fat reduction and skin tightening procedure by contacting one of our professionals in Midland, MI, for an appointment.

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