How Much Fat Can Be Removed With Liposuction?

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Fat deposits cannot always be removed with diet and exercise alone. That’s where liposuction comes into play. At Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI, we have successfully performed liposuction on the back, flanks, abdomen, arms, hips, calves, and thighs for our patients. This body reshaping procedure is great for those who want to remove small areas of fat and live a healthy lifestyle. This is because a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet are necessary to ensure that you maintain the results of your body contouring.

We use the latest techniques to reduce fat from certain areas of your body safely. Liposuction will give you a more contoured look. During a one-on-one consultation, double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick can answer your questions, discuss the procedure, and help you set realistic expectations for the results.

Do I qualify for liposuction?

Liposuction is an ideal procedure for someone at a healthy weight in Midland, MI who has areas of fat that they haven’t been able to lose with diet and exercise. The skin should be taut since liposuction doesn’t work for sagging or loose skin. Liposuction isn’t meant to be a weight loss solution as it must be used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise to maintain results.

How does liposuction work?

Surgical liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia. A small incision is made in the skin, and a cannula is placed within this incision. The cannula is a thin tube that loosens the fat as it is being removed. Once the fat has been removed, Dr. Yonick will close the incision with sutures. Depending on the number of areas treated, your surgery could last up to three hours.

Liposuction recovery

Recovery will vary from one to three weeks, based on the number and size of the areas treated. Swelling and bruising are normal during the first few weeks after surgery. Your sutures will be removed about a week after surgery. Dr. Yonick can review all recovery instructions with you to help ensure proper healing, and that your new body shape and contour are maintained.

How much fat can be removed with Lipo?

Most professionals suggest that the amount of fat that can be safely removed during liposuction is less than 11 pounds. Removing too much fluid from the body can lead to complications, such as low blood pressure. This is why we opt to limit the amount of fat we remove (to about eight pounds) from patients at Yonick Plastic Surgery to ensure it remains a safe procedure.

How many times can you get Lipo?

Some of our patients do get liposuction in the same area more than once. However, you get the most noticeable results the first time it is performed. However, there are times when revisions may be necessary. It’s important to wait at least six months following liposuction before considering re-treatment.

Get toned with liposuction in Midland, MI

Liposuction at Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI offers men and women the chance to remove unwanted fat. Without liposuction, you may not be able to achieve that contoured body you want with diet and exercise alone. We invite you to call today to schedule a consultation with double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick to learn more about how liposuction can give you the results you’re looking for and if you’re a candidate for surgery.

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