Skin Health for Rosacea, Redness, and Inflammation

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Beauty has always been synonymous with youth. As such, many of us long for plump, rosy-pink cheeks (that’s why blush was created and still lining cosmetic shelves today, right?). What happens when your once healthy, rosy complexion becomes more of a ruddy, red hue? Red, inflamed skin is far from healthy and often a sign of a chronic inflammatory skin condition called rosacea. This condition has a wide spectrum of clinical signs, but is generally characterized by redness, swelling, visible blood vessels (telangiectasias), rough texture, and pustules (pus-filled, pimple-like bumps).  Rosacea is a progressive condition; meaning, if left untreated it will only get worse as you age. Over time, capillaries can stay dilated and cause permanent redness and the skin’s texture will become blemished and rough. At Yonick Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center we are here to prevent and treat your specific skin condition. Let’s take a look at what we offer in addressing concerns of redness, inflammation, and rosacea-prone skin. 

Skincare Treatment:

Building a solid skincare regimen is essential for anyone suffering from rosacea, inflammation, and sensitized skin. Often, individuals experiencing these skin conditions end up shying away from skincare with either fear of adverse reactions or never achieving desired results. We get it; there’s a vast array of ingredients out there and an overwhelming number of products with empty promises. As experts in the skin care industry, we have done the product research and testing for you. We have found Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health to be highly effective in treating a variety of skin conditions and creating overall skin health. This pharmaceutical grade skincare provides a Skin Normalizing System created to mildly exfoliate, reduce inflammation, soothe, replenish, and restore skin to a healthy state. The system includes our February product of the month, Rozatrol. I rave about this product to anyone who will listen because simply is AH-Mazing! This daily treatment serum contains an advanced amino acid complex and antioxidants to decrease inflammation and protect from damage against environmental stressors. Those with inflamed and sensitive skin have a weakened barrier, becoming more susceptible to the damage created by oxidation stress or the abundance of free radicals. This serum will replenish hydration at the cellular level to support a healthier skin barrier. 

What about Retinol? 

Retinols are the Holy Grail for almost any skin problem but what about redness and Rosacea? Retinols are known for causing irritation and redness so you may be wondering why this product would ever be recommended for your reddened skin. Allow me to further explain: retinols contain anti-inflammatory properties and promote cellular turnover, aiding in the development of new skin cells. Pores are unclogged, blemishes are eliminated, and skin is exfoliated resulting in fresh, new, healthy skin. Sound too good to be true? There’s more! Retinols boost collagen production resulting in more elasticity, improved textured, and diminished fine lines and wrinkles. Retinols can be extremely beneficial to rosacea patients by generating healthy new skin with normal blood vessels. Retinols are very effective in creating overall skin health; the key is to start out low (think .25% Retinol) and slow (2-3x a week) when implementing this product into your skincare regimen. 


Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Past exposure to the sun’s harmful rays has likely been a top-contributor to your redness, visible capillaries, and rosacea flare-ups. Applying a daily broad spectrum SPF 30 or greater will prevent future damage and physical sunscreens containing Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide are top choices for easily irritated and reactive skin. 

Forever Young BBL (Broad Band Light): 

BBL is a laser treatment provided at YPS and will work wonders for redness and rosacea (not to mention brown spots, acne, large pores, wrinkles, etc…). The laser uses heat from wavelengths of light to treat skin at the vascular level, destroying damaged skin cells and shutting down superficial blood vessels. The treatment can be customized to treat both visible blood vessels and diffuse redness along with other conditions commonly seen in rosacea patients like poor texture, large pores, and acne. 


Clear Silk is our newest treatment to combat redness and rosacea (also improving pigment, fine lines & wrinkles, skin revitalization) with zero downtime that is suitable for ALL skin types. It works by depositing heat energy deep within the dermis and as the heat rises slowly to the target temperature, it causes bulk heating encouraging the bodies natural response to clear pigment, reduce vascularity and improve the overall appearance of tissue.

The Final Word…

Last but not least, figure out the environmental and lifestyle choices that cause your skin to flare-up and produce an inflamed response. Common culprits? Alcohol, spicy food, smoking, extreme temperatures, stress, and sun exposure. Replace poor nutritional choices with healthy, antioxidant-rich foods and plenty of water for ultimate skin health.

We are here to guide your individual skincare journey at Yonick Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center. Call us today at 989-495-2723 to set up a complimentary skin consultation or stop in to take advantage of 20% off our February product of the month, Rozatrol. We will get you on the right track to healthy, glowing skin this Valentine’s Day. See you soon!

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