Want Fuller, Plumper Lips? Try JUVÉDERM Ultra XC

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If you have thin, deflated lips, JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC may be just the solution you need. At Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI, you have access to double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick and licensed and board-certified acute care nurse practitioner Karen Yonick, who can help. They specialize in results-driven JUVÉDERM Ultra XC lip injections that leave you with fuller, plumper lips. Learn how JUVÉDERM Ultra XC can enhance your features by reading below. You can also book a lip filler consultation online or by phone.

What is JUVÉDERM Ultra XC?

JUVÉDERM Ultra XC is a leading hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Approved by the FDA in 2010, JUVÉDERM Ultra XC has helped countless clients volumize their lips. This in-demand lip filler is ideal for restoring age-related volume loss, or for plumping your lips if you have naturally thin lips. JUVÉDERM Ultra XC can even correct issues with asymmetrical lips.

How does JUVÉDERM Ultra XC plump lips?

JUVÉDERM Ultra XC lip filler injections are one of the top-requested aesthetic services offered at Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI. This gel-like lip plumper instantly adds volume and fills in gaps between cells.

You experience an improvement in the fullness of your lips right away. Then, over the following week or two, the hyaluronic acid in JUVÉDERM Ultra XC continues attracting water molecules to plump and soften your lips, leaving you with fuller, beautiful, natural-looking (and feeling!) lips.

Alternatively, Dr. Yonick and nurse Karen sometimes recommend getting Restylane® dermal filler injections if you have smile lines, laugh lines, or vertical lip lines that may benefit from correction. Restylane is a different type of medical-grade hyaluronic acid dermal filler, but it functions similarly to certain JUVÉDERM products.

How long does JUVÉDERM Ultra XC last?

The lip-plumping effects you experience from your JUVÉDERM Ultra XC treatment are very long-lasting. Depending on how much volume loss you have, you can expect your lip filler to provide optimal results for up to one year.

Because JUVÉDERM Ultra XC is a medical-grade injection, you can feel confident that you’re getting a safe treatment that you can undergo every year, or as needed. Yonick Plastic Surgery providers can let you know about how often you may need additional JUVÉDERM Ultra XC injections.

Do JUVÉDERM Ultra XC injections hurt?

Very little. One of the reasons JUVÉDERM Ultra XC is one of the most widely used lip plumpers on the market is because of the addition of lidocaine. The “XC” in the product name indicates that this filler contains a 3% lidocaine solution.

While you may feel a slight sting from the initial injection of the needle, the lidocaine quickly kicks in and numbs the treatment area. Overall, clients from Yonick Plastic Surgery report that their lip injection service with JUVÉDERM Ultra XC is very well-tolerated.

Book your JUVÉDERM lip plumper service in Midland, MI with double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick or board-certified acute nurse practitioner Karen Yonick today. Click here to schedule an appointment through the website or call to speak with a Yonick Plastic Surgery team member.

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