What Happens If You Get Pregnant Again After A Mommy Makeover?

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Another pregnancy was probably not in your plans when you decided to undergo mommy makeover surgery, but life does not always go according to plan! In other cases, patients who are still years away from having children – or additional children – may choose to get cosmetic surgery so that they can enjoy the figure they’ve always wanted until they are ready to have another baby. Whatever the case may be, pregnancy after a mommy makeover is certainly a possibility. Patients should make sure they know how a future pregnancy may impact their results, though, and understand what options they have should they get pregnant after mommy makeover surgery.

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Yonick and the award-winning team at Yonick Plastic Surgery are committed to helping women achieve the body of their dreams with mommy makeover in Midland, MI, taking into account their plans for pregnancy in the future. Learn more about the transformative benefits of mommy makeover surgery here, and find out how pregnancy may alter your surgical results.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is an exciting cosmetic surgery involving multiple treatments and procedures performed in a single surgical setting primarily for the purpose of reversing the unwanted effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. However, a mommy makeover can also be highly beneficial for women who have never had children but still want to correct concerns such as loose skin, stubborn fat, and aging breasts. Some of the procedures that are most commonly included in mommy makeover surgery in Midland, MI are:

Depending on your specific concerns, goals, and other factors, Dr. Yonick will recommend a mommy makeover plan that is tailored specifically to help you achieve your ideal look.

What is the best age for a mommy makeover?

Women who are healthy, nonsmokers, at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations for their results can usually be considered for mommy makeover surgery regardless of their age. Because most patients are interested in preserving their surgical results for as long as possible, it is more important to plan your surgery when you can commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding weight fluctuation rather than timing it based on your age alone. For many women, this means thinking about plans for a future pregnancy.

Patients are typically encouraged to defer mommy makeover surgery until after they are done having children, but Dr. Yonick understands there are some cases when this may not be possible or ideal. For example, some women may be many years away from building a family but still want to enjoy a stunning body in the meantime, while other women may become unexpectedly pregnant again after a mommy makeover. In any situation, Dr. Yonick and his award-winning team are committed to helping women make an educated and confident decision about planning the timing of mommy makeover surgery.

Can I get pregnant after mommy makeover?

Having had a previous mommy makeover does not create any obstacle for conceiving, nor does it present any risk to the mother or baby in a future pregnancy. Some women report that their abdomen feels somewhat tighter in a post-surgery pregnancy than in their previous pregnancies, particularly if they had a tummy tuck included in their mommy makeover. This sensation is typically mild, however, and resolves on its own.

The most compelling concern for getting pregnant again after a mommy makeover is that having another child can significantly compromise the results of your original procedure. Even after having undergone a mommy makeover, many women develop sagging breasts, excess skin, stubborn fat, and separated abdominal muscles as a result of a subsequent pregnancy. While this can certainly be discouraging, patients are often able to have their pre-baby body restored once again with a second subsequent mommy makeover procedure.

Want the body of your dreams but aren’t sure you’re done having kids? Discover your options for mommy makeover in Midland, MI

Whether you are interested in mommy makeover surgery but aren’t sure about your plans for having children in the future – or you have already learned you are pregnant after an earlier mommy makeover – the caring team at Yonick Plastic Surgery can formulate a plan that will help you achieve or restore your ideal look with a timeline that fits your needs. Call us today to schedule your private consultation with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Yonick, and learn more about the life-changing benefits of a mommy makeover in Midland, MI.

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