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About Laser Scar Treatment

Scars are a common skin condition that can be located on practically any area of the face or body. For many individuals, a scar is a reminder of a previous wound that once existed or some other problem that created a disruption to the skin. While scars do not cause medical harm to patients and are generally not a problem, many people wish to have them treated so that their overall appearance can be improved. Scars that are bumpy, raised, too wide or too big, dark, or appear recessed can be successfully treated so that the area of skin looks healthier and improved. Based on where the scar is located, the type of scar that is being addressed, and its current state, laser scar revision can be performed. At Yonick Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center in Midland, MI, we offer the state-of-the-art Sciton Joule laser platform system, which allows our experienced practitioners the ability to use the Halo profractional handpiece to specifically treat scars of varying types. Using a powerful blend of both ablative and nonablative skin resurfacing, this procedure works to decrease the size and appearance of scars. If you have a scar left behind from a prior surgery, accident, or injury and wish to improve its appearance, call our Midland, MI practice today to learn more about your options.

Types of Scars

There are various types of scars that can be improved with profractional laser treatments. The type you have will determine the best technique to address it. The most frequent scars our Midland, MI plastic surgery center treats includes superficial scars, which are the most subtle type of scars and often yield excellent results from laser treatments. Keloid scars are more noticeable. They are generally larger in size, raised, and can even cause discomfort in some patients. In addition, the skin surrounding a keloid scar is typically discolored and reaches past the borders of the original wound. A keloid scar can be improved in both appearance and size with nonsurgical laser resurfacing. More complex scarring, such as hypertrophic scars and contracture scars, exist because of larger wounds or a serious injury, like a burn. In some cases, a blend of scar revision surgery and laser scar treatment are used to help reduce and soften the appearance. 

Ideal Candidates

Laser scar treatment can be performed on both adults and children who have a scar that is considered unsightly or bothersome. At Yonick Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center, we will assess the scar and consult with you to let you know if laser treatment is the best course of action. It's important for patients who get laser scar treatment to be aware that although this procedure is meant to improve the physical appearance of the scar and decrease its size, it cannot always make the scar fully disappear. Our in-house profractional laser, the Halo, which is a part of the revolutionary Sciton Joule laser resurfacing system, produces excellent results for patients. The intensity of the laser output will be contingent on the size, shape, depth, and location of the scar.

Procedure Technique

Treatments for laser scar revision are performed on-site in our Midland, MI plastic surgery center. The specific method used for your treatment will be determined in your consultation. Prior to the procedure, the area will be cleaned and a topical anesthetic may be applied, depending on the type of scar being treated and the laser intensity being used. During the treatment process, the handheld laser device will be glided over the target area. This process will be repeated for several minutes. Depending on the size and depth of the scar, it may take more than one session to attain the desired results. Treatments usually take about 20 minutes. 

What to Expect

Following a laser scar treatment, many patients have noted a dramatic reduction and improvement in the appearance, size, and color of their scar after one single treatment session. Typically, most patients will need multiple sessions and this will be outlined in the treatment plan. In addition to the laser aspect for patients who have recessed or depressed areas of scarring, a dermal filler can also be used to create an even, soft surface appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does laser scar treatment cost?
The cost of your laser scar treatment procedure relies on a few factors, including the nature of the scar being treated. The larger and more complex a scar is, the treatment could vary in terms of the number of sessions needed to attain the right result. During your consultation, we can provide an estimated cost and treatment expectations.

Does scar revision eliminate the original scar?
Patients that have very light scars will see significant improvement after a laser session. In some cases, it is hard to detect if a scar even existed. For many, depending on the size and nature of the scar, a scar will still exist on the site, but patients note significant improvement. In addition, because of the technology behind our laser system, as time goes on, your body will continue to heal and replace old skin cells with new ones. So for many patients, the results will continue to improve over many months.

Other options for scar revision?
Some scars will require surgical intervention, especially ones that are larger in size or disfigured from a prior wound. Scars that appear depressed, pitted, or concave may benefit from an injectable filler. There are a number of options that can be looked at when determining the best way to treat a scar. It is also common to combined treatments to get the best outcome.

Does laser scar treatment hurt?
In most cases, laser scar treatments do not cause pain or discomfort. For some patients, a local numbing ointment may be used, depending on the nature of the scar or the intensity of the laser speed, but this treatment is tolerable for most patients. After the procedure, you may feel itchy or experience some mild redness and swelling, but this is temporary.

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Improve Your Scar's Appearance

When you have a large, bothersome, or unattractive scar that troubles you, it is reassuring to know that there are options to reduce the size and appearance of the scar. Yonick Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center has many procedures that can help make it less obvious. After examining the shape, size, type, and depth of your scar, a laser scar treatment can be performed to help improve its appearance. We invite you to contact our Midland, MI plastic surgery office to schedule your scar treatment consultation.

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