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Locating the best plastic surgeon to perform a specific procedure can seem overwhelming. That's why Dr. David Yonick has chosen to be very transparent with his practice and what his patients have experienced by putting all our patient’s reviews in one place so that you can learn about their opinions and their results. We are quite appreciative of patients for taking their time to post their stories. This allows Dr. Yonick to provide the best plastic surgery services available in the Midland, MI area. We invite you to browse the stories of our patients and learn what they have to say about their experiences at Yonick Plastic Surgery. 

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Review from J.F.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 26, 2019

I had a beyond fabulous BOTOX experience at Yonick Plastic Surgery recently. I saw an Aesthetic Nurse for Botox injections and I am thrilled with the result. This appointment was very different from my previous experience with Botox at a "pop up", all for the better. I met with the Nurse prior to receiving injections, she took pictures of my face in various expressions and explained to me which wrinkles and expression lines Botox could help me with. She then studied my face and carefully made notes about where she would administer the Botox and the results I was likely to see. The injections were quick and not uncomfortable. It was explained to me that the wrinkle relaxer can take up to two weeks to spread and settle in completely and that along the way I might feel different sensations and notice my expression and facial movement might change daily. This was key to my experience because 24 hours later, my eyelids felt heavy and my eyebrows seemed to move such that I looked very strange, this would have alarmed me if without the explanation of what I could expect. This was transient, the heavy feeling and strange expressions disappeared over the next couple of days. I am thrilled with the result, my "Frankenforehead" deep creases are gone, my brow refuses to furrow and my eyes seem brighter and more open. I look like myself, but now more like my younger self!After my injections, the Aesthetic Nurse had me make an appointment to come in two weeks later for follow up appointment. She explained that this is the protocol at Yonick Plastic Surgery, at the follow up appointment, results are analyzed and touch ups can be performed if needed, more pictures are taken so results can be documented and charted in my record for continuity when I need my next appointment. I loved looking at my before and after photos!The level of professionalism and care taken at this appointment blew me away. I feel as though my treatment was handled by experts who offered me education and understanding throughout my treatment and follow up. I feel my Aesthetic procedure was administered with the same serious care and respect as a medical procedure, that is an important point of difference for me. More

Review from DS  |  Source: Office Visit  |  Aug 11, 2019

Fantastic results and wonderful staff More

Review from A.M.  |  Source: Facebook  |  Jun 07, 2019

I went into the office and didn’t know what to expect. I am amazed at how beautiful my skin looks. Less wrinkles ....around my eyes,along my nose and mouth. I now have an upper lip. Subtle not fake looking. Lipstick looks phenomenal. The staff is wonderful. Such positive energy. More

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