VECTRA 3D Simulation

Vectra 3D Imaging, Before & After Plastic Surgery Simulation

Cosmetic surgery can transform how you feel about yourself and the image you present to others. We make envisioning the final result of your cosmetic procedure easier with a powerful visual aid. At Yonick Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic center we utilize the most advanced simulation imaging technology, the VECTRA 3D System and Sculptor Software. This imaging system allows patients to preview the anticipated results of their procedure before committing to surgery.

VECTRA 3D can be used before a variety of our plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, body contouring, breast lift, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift and neck lift. During a private consultation, Yonick Plastic Surgery Clinical Staff will take three-dimensional photographs of the patient prior to surgery. Then, using VECTRA’s software simulation tools, we can create 3D digital replication of the anticipated result after surgery. This essential stage in the decision-making process gives patients the opportunity to preview various surgical options and decide on the procedure that best suits their personal goals and expectations. This technology also ensures that our physicians and patients are communicating clearly about those expectations.

Vectra Overview:

The VECTRA 3D simulation is created using multiple pictures of your current facial features or body. This photo session will be conducted in the privacy and comfort of our office. The images taken for the VECTRA 3D will serve as the starting point for your Cosmetic Surgery consultation.

Simulation Sculptor Software

Using Simulation Sculptor Software on your 3D image, Dr. Yonick will show you the anticipated results of your cosmetic procedure. You may tailor aspects of your procedure to fit your individual goals and expectations you have going into surgery.

Develop Surgical Plan

Once your expectations are fine-tuned, and the digital simulation matches the cosmetic appearance you’re anticipating, this simulation will provide a basis for your surgical plan. Having already witnessed the digital results, you can feel confident with the expected outcome of the procedure.

What is VECTRA 3D Simulation Technology?

Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, is the leading provider of clinical imaging systems. Their team developed VECTRA 3D simulation technology and Sculptor Software to help doctors better serve their patients, improve communication between patients and physicians, and better inform patients while discussing the expected results of plastic surgery.

How does the Sculptor 3D Software work?

The Sculptor 3D Software uses the image created by the VECTRA 3D camera to create the “after,” or the expected results following treatment. The VECTRA 3D photograph is processed by Sculptor software to display the virtual model on a computer monitor. The model can be rotated on the screen and viewed from almost any angle. The Sculptor 3D Software then allows Dr. Yonick to apply simulated sculpting tools that change the size, shape and position of the treatment area. Depending on the procedure being considered, facial features can be smoothed, tightened, and resized, or breasts can be made larger, lifted, and shaped to achieve the desired appearance. Once a patient is satisfied with the expected results, Dr. Yonick can fine-tune their treatment plan based on the expressed desires and goals of their patient.

Will VECTRA 3D Simulation determine if I’m a good candidate?

Although VECTRA 3D Simulation can help patients determine and express the results they anticipate, the visual guidance this system provides cannot determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Only a consultation with Dr. Yonick can determine if a patient is medically qualified for a procedure. VECTRA 3D Simulation can, however, demonstrate the differences and possible outcomes of various facial rejuvenation or implant options. Utilizing a combination of our physicians’ artistic expertise and the visual guidance of VECTRA 3D technology is a convenient and informative method of determining the best procedure for each individual patient.

How close is the VECTRA 3D simulation of my results to the actual results of surgery?

Actual results will be very similar to the simulations, although not exact. VECTRA 3D simulations are based on the actual surgical techniques and treatments that our physicians will use during the procedure and therefore are as accurate as possible with today’s advanced technology.